Taste The Rich Flavour Of Cognac

In this chilling winter sipping a glass of cognac can be absolutely blissful. If you like the taste of alcohol and enjoy drinking it then you must definitely store a bottle at your home. It is actually brandy, which you should drink from a crystal tulip taster glass. This will help to release the aromatic features to be released slowly so that you can enjoy it. If you know how to appreciate your drink then you hold the glass and whirl it to release the rich aromas. Then you will inhale it deeply and take a sip so that you can fully savour the drink.

One of the very popular brands available in the market is Hennessy. Their popularity has grown in such a way that it is available in every part of the world. This brand is committed to offer a royal drink in every way. When you pour this wonderful drink in your glass you will see a dark mahogany colour, which has a vibrant appearance. It has a complex but rich taste that is preferred by many connoisseurs. In taste, the drink is a unique combination of wine and dried edible honey, vanilla and raisins.

This contributes greatly to the features of this branded drink. You will surely be able to feel the lovely aromas that are revealed slowly when you take a sip of this elixir. This brand is one of the largest Cognac producers and sells about 50 million bottles every year, which is 40% of the world’s produce. The famous Irishman Richard established the distillery in the year 1765. The popularity of the brand has increased over the years among young generation too. Recently, the brand has undergone changes and has attempted to broaden the drink appeal beyond the conventional base. Hence, it introduced new products and marketed them accordingly.

One of the new products includes Hennessy Black. It is known to be a mixable drink. It is not a brandy that you can consume it directly. It is actually fitted for mixing with cocktails. The spirit is made for mixing essentially. It has a rather young character with a fruity taste and comes in a bold black bottle. There are different cocktails that you can stir up with this spirit. You can put in lemon juice and sugar with this spirit. Then again, you can mix Coke and coffee liqueur or champagne, lemon juice and syrup along with the spirit to make a perfect cocktail.

Many people sip their Cognac at room temperature or warm them a little by cupping their hands around the glass. However, those who have a passion for tasting luxurious cocktails like to take this drink mixed with fresh lemon and Cointreau. It is one of the most wonderful mixed drinks that you would ever taste. However, in France you will find people drinking this spirit from tall slender glasses mixed with different kinds of sodas and juices.

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What is a Cognac Snifter and what else is available

French Cognac, it can be said, is next to champange the most famous liquors in the world
drink. Both from the region of France but from different areas. While the Cognac area is more in the south, the champagne region is in the norther part of the country. The Cognac making has a specific process that has been endorsed by the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionel du Cognac) plus your wine has to be from the region of Cognac. Otherwise it’s “just” French Brandy”

Cognac is a great companion for after dinner conversations. A luxurious cousin of brandy (like whiskey), to savor its flavor to the fullest is it important to use the right cognac glass. A drink, distilled twice and aged in French oak barrels.

The goal of all this procedure is full flavor and texture. Therefore you can image. Cognac is one of the most expensive drinks (as Champagne too). Therefore make sure you use the right glass, the proper cognac snifter.

A glass specially made for cognac is a beautiful combiantion of pure delight – and function. Because these kind of glasses are like that for a special reason. Their design is taking into consideration its aroma, volume and temperature.

Also, the form, the shape of the snifter extend and enhances the experience of drinking cognac. It’s allowing the movement of the drink and emphasizing its deep color. The glasses for cognac are of two types, one is a tulip shaped glass and the other is snifter which is a balloon shaped glass. They both are unique and offer different advantages. Cognac connoisseurs stress on the right shape of the glass to best enjoy the drink. So, while tasting cognacs or catering your guests with it you should be well prepared with the right set of glasses.

There is indeed a valid reason behind using these two types of glasses while enjoying a glass of cognac. A long glass like that of a tulip shaped one is perfect to use for cocktails. It ensures the wine connoisseurs to get a true reflection of their drink. On the contrary, for those who like their drink to be on the rocks or just want to have a sip in the glass of pure and unadulterated drink, prefer the round-bellied glasses with a short stem. However, if you want to taste your drink in the traditional way, it is advised that you should give a try to the tulip shaped glasses.

The second, slightly less preferred, is the so called balloon glass, also called the snifter. This is a short stemmed glass that balloons at the bottom and slopes inwards towards the narrow top. The balloon glass gives the cognac large surface area to release its scents and aromas and the smaller opening at the top concentrates the scents for the nose but to a lesser degree than the tulip glass.
Purists insist that in order to enjoy and appreciate this luxurious distilled spirit the above mentioned glasses are the only one from which to drink your cognac. After all great effort, time and care goes into making of one of the finest drinks in the world. They believe that the cognac is to be had neat without mixing anything else and at room temperature. But it can be mixed with other drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic, and had in other type of a glass. You may mix your cognac with sparking water that can be had in a rock glass, which is a glass without stem.

In case if you are looking for one such a branded glassmaker to taste the cognacs, try the Riedel Cognac und Brandy glasses. Being one of the world’s oldest glassmakers, this company is sure to offer you a unique opportunity to taste your drink. The design patterns of these glasses are right to appear suitable the features of any drink. Also they offer a great variety of glasses where from you can select a particular one. With these glasses your drinking experiences are sure to be more enjoyable that it was ever before. So, if you love to call yourself as one of the true cognacfans, try the glasses as said above to have a unique drinking experience.

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D’Usse Cognac VSOP by Bacardi U.S. Launch

Bacardi announced to launch premium Cognac  in the US called D’Usse Cognac and it’s a VSOP.

D’ussé, pronounced “dew-say,” is a VSOP Cognac that will retail at around $44.99 a 750-ml. bottle. It’s made by Chateau de Cognac, which also produces Bacardi’s Cognac Otard, a brand not marketed in the U.S.

“Furniss-Roe told Shanken News Daily that XO and VS variants of D’ussé could eventually follow, but for now the focus is on introducing the VSOP offering as a versatile Cognac intended both for sipping and as a cocktail base. Bacardi believes the new brand can have cross-category appeal and entice consumers across the market’s demographic spectrum. “The notion of the Scotch drinker or the Bourbon drinker isn’t really relevant anymore,” Furniss-Roe said, because of newer generations’ penchant for experimenting with a variety of spirits categories.”

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Cognac Glass as a a gift

A Cognac Glass is a perfect gift. Maybe partnered with a good Cognac, e.g. a VSOP or even XO or something special.

Popular cognac gifts sets are the Martell VS Cognac with Brandy Glasses Gift Box for just 30$ or a Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac for around 1500$.

Another worthwhile gift is the right glass. It isn’t a snifter–one of those balloon-shaped things as appropriately sized as a restaurant pepper mill. The wide base encourages too-fast evaporation of the alcohol, and the narrow top concentrates the fumes, delivering heat to the nose and palate at the expense of the subtler scents and flavors that should prevail. Professional tasters use smaller, narrow glasses with only slightly bulbous bases and flared rims. When I rented glasses recently for a cognac evening, the only reasonable alternative was a small champagne flute. Carneros Alambic, another California producer of cognac-style brandies, markets chimney-shaped tasting glasses that capture and deliver aromas slowly; they do not have flared rims, and they cost $7.50 with the company’s logo and $10.00 without (the number is 707-253-9055).

If I were getting a cognac for a upper-class drinker, I  could suggest a bottle of Germain-Robin XO, which at $100 is expensive, but less so than the cognacs that to my mind compared favorably to or bettered it: Hine’s Triomphe ($180) and Delamain’s Très Vénérable ($175, if you can find it–Delamain is the cognac of choice among most connoisseurs). If I wanted a good all-purpose brandy to serve as cognac without worrying about how much money was going down guests’ throats, I would get the plain Germain-Robin Fine ($32.00), which has the freshness of a VSOP and strong fruit, too, and more complexity than VSOP or VS usually has. I also like Hennessy’s VSOP, which costs $29.99.

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The Waterford Connoisseur Cognac Glasses

There are several brands available today to choose the cognac glasses of your taste and budget. Brands like Riedel, Waterford crystal, Spiegelau, Normann- Copenhagen, Anchor hocking have an amazing collection of cognac glasses in various price range.

In 1783, brothers William and George Penrose founded Waterford Crystal, which is based in Waterford, Ireland. At that time, Waterford Crystal Glassworks employed 70 people. However, a lack of capital and high taxation took its toll on the company and by the end of the 19th century the company closed its doors. In 1947, the brand of Waterford Crystal was revived and a factory was established in Waterford 10 miles from the original location.

In 2006, Waterford Crystal launched its Connoisseur Gold Collection, a line of hand-made and mouth-blown crystal glasses. The collection includes several designs, including Port/Cognac VSOP (6 ounce) and Cognac (20 ounce) glasses. VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale.

The Connoisseur Gold stemware is handcrafted in Brazil

The Connoisseur Gold collection of hand-crafted and hand-blown crystal stems is precisely sized and shaped to complement the properties of each variety of wine or spirit. Designed to accentuate both the taste and aromatic splendor of Cognac and other fine brandies. The bowl of the crystal fits comfortably in your hand as you warm the Cognac and allow the delightful bouquet to develop. 20 oz.

The Connoisseur Gold stemware is handcrafted in Brazil. Glassworkers blow the bowls by mouth and pull the stems, adding a gold band around the ankle. The gold tint at the base of the stem is to indicate its lineage as “Connoisseur Gold” and is the only marking on the clear crystal.

Blowing the Glass
Before the glass can be blown, the molten mix must first be created. The “cocktail” of ingredients is melted in a furnace and red-lead oxide is added to the mix to give it the “crystal” qualities. Once melted, a chief blower then starts blowing and spinning the glass in the mould. Once the glass has been blown to the right shape and size, it is then cooled.

Cutting and Finishing
Once cooled, the glass is ready for cutting. A design is first traced onto the glass and the design is crudely cut with a cutting wheel. For the detailed cutting, different shaped edges on different sized wheels are used. A sandstone wheel is then used to finish the piece and it is dipped in a sulphuric and hydrofluoric acid mixture.

About Cognac
Cognac is a French brandy that dates back to the 16th century. Although brandy can be made anywhere and by anyone who has a recipe, only liqueur made in the region of Cognac, France can be labeled “Cognac.” Cognac is traditionally sipped after dinner; however, there are a few foods that pair particularly well with this French brandy.

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Video of Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass


Found a nice video slow motion shot about the Normann Copenhagen Glass especially made for great cognac drinking.

Normann Copenhagen’s Cognac glass combines classic function with modern design. The glasses are constructed to highlight Cognac’s aroma and their design yields the optimal temperature and volume.

-Material: Mouth blown glass
-Contents: Two Cognac glasses
-Designer: Rikke Hagen
-Video: Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

During our life there are so many occasions that need a special attention and a glass of wine or cognac is very appropriate for them. If you finished all the preparations for Christmas and all you need is to find the perfect gifts then you might have a look to this splendid set of Cognac glasses.

Rikke Hagen explains
I wanted to craft a cognac glass. The perfect gift to the man, who has everything. The inspiration springs from my own perception of when you drink a cognac; that is when you have time and in calm surroundings. I wanted the glass to give the user a feeling of a gentleman’s study and at the same time, the sense of calmness you get when you e.g. fondle a stone. The stem kept irritating me. I took the consequence andcut it off. That’s how my Cognac glass was born.

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Cognac Glasses Drinking Guide

Cognac is a powerful aged brandy. The origin of Cognac dates back to the 16th century when Dutch settlers came to this French region to purchase salt, wood, and wine. As one of the most expensive cocktails in the world, there are only a few glasses from which it is considered proper to drink cognac.

Cognac Glass Source: Wikimedia

The whole idea of the perfect Cognac glass is to give the largest surface area possible, but to then close in at the rim in order to intensify the bouquet and ensure the best introduction to the palate. For those who drink their nectar in its pure and neat form, then you owe it to the beverage to have the best tasting experience possible.

The first glass that is recommended by experts is the tulip-shaped glass. This is a glass with a long stem that opens up into a large bell, which curves inward near the top before flaring out slightly at the rim. The purpose of this shape is to maximize the surface area of the beverage and then concentrate it to meet the nose and palate in order to maximize the flavor, bouquet and experience of drinking cognac.

A tulip shaped Cognac Glass

The second, slightly less acceptable glass is the so-called balloon glass, which is also known as a brandy snifter or a snifter. This glass has a very short stem with a very wide bell at the bottom that flares out for the first third of the bell before sloping gently in at the top. The balloon glass gives brandy a large surface area to release scents and notes, while the smaller opening concentrates the scent for the nose but somewhat less so while drinking compared to the tulip glass.

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Cognac Glasses – Do They Really Enhance the Drinking Experience?

We get this question asked a lot of times. Does it make a difference which glass you choose? Or is it just a ploy by clever marketers to encourage us to spend our hard earned cash?
But the tasting sensation when you actually sip your cognac does or does not get influenced by the shape of a glass really do anything to improve? There are many different types of brandy and cognac glasses and available to purchase.

The two types of cognac glass you might have heard of are the snifter, or balloon shaped glass with a short stem, along with the long stemmed tulip shaped glass that is often the preferred choice of the cognac connoisseur.

The reasoning behind drinking neat cognac from a glass shaped such as these is that the glass allows the aroma (or nose) of the cognac to be captured inside and directed upwards towards the nose of the drinker. That way you not only involve your taste buds, but your sense of smell is also brought into play, so doubling the effect on your senses and so doubling your enjoyment of the drink. The tulip shaped glasses tend to have a slightly flared rim, allowing the heady aromas of the cognac a chance to breathe, so freeing the taste even more effectively. And today you can enjoy cognac from the most modern of glasses, with some of the world’s top glass makers producing beautiful cognac glasses with a modern twist. This means that not only do you get the best cognac tasting experience, but that they also look pretty handsome sat on your dinner table as well.

Cognac Glass

Well, depending on how you drink your cognac, then yes – there certainly is a reason as to the choice of glass that’s best suited for your drink. Of course, if you’re enjoying a cognac cocktail then it’s likely to be served in a long glass or perhaps a martini glass. But for those who like to sip their cognac pure and unadulterated, or perhaps on the rocks, then using the right type of glass will certainly enhance the taste experience.

One of the most popular Cognac Glasses is the Riedel Cognac und Brandy glasses – Riedel is one of the oldest family-run glass manufacturing companies in the world. Their beautiful crystal covers all drinks imaginable and their design is developed to suit the characteristic of every drink. Whether you’re drinking wine, whiskey or cognac, Riedel will offer you a broad range of glasses to choose from. The tulip glass by Riedel for cognac is an elegantly shaped, heavy glass that makes drinking cognac even more enjoyable.

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Do you need a big cognac glass?

For a good cognac a cognac glass is essential. It is well-known that Cognac should be enjoyed in the right glass. That is of course, if we’re talking of drinking it straight, not as a cocktail or a long-drink. If this is what you’re after, any glass will do, but if you want to allow your VSOP, XO or older cognac properly, you will need to give the spirit some space to breathe and unfold all its aromas.

Some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants serve their best Cognacs in a gigantic ‘ballon’ glass. The aroma of the Cognac rises straight into the nose, thus concentrating the smell and overwhelming the taste buds.

True connoisseurs choose a smaller glass in a tulip shape. Containing 13cl, it should only be filled with 2.5cl. In such a glass the aroma is concentrated before revealing itself steadily, allowing time to discover its subtle fragrances, observe its delicate color and mellow before even sipping it.

Classic Cognac Glass

Classic Cognac Glass

A quality cognac glass should have a wide surface area to concentrate and mix. The rim of acognac glass should be thin, however, because the aroma of the cognac needs to concentrate as it rises out of the glass. This concentrated aroma brings out the full flavor of the cognac, which allows it to taste fuller on the tongue.

There are two types of cognac glasses, the tulip glass and the balloon glass, which is also called a snifter. Each glass has its advantages, but the tulip glass is often preferred by connoisseurs, particularly for drinking older, more mature cognacs. The tulip-shaped glass resembles a wine glass, but it has a narrower neck and rim that lets the flavors of the cognac release gradually. The balloon cognac glass has a shorter stem than the tulip glass but has a much wider bottom. It is not usually considered as effective as the tulip glass at releasing the flavor of the cognac.

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Why not use a water glass for drinking brandy and cognac?

Sometimes people just drink brandy in a waterglass + ice cubes. Actually, this is not a bad idea because if you add ice, the whole drinking experience becomes different anyway. If you drink cognac neat, you should use one of those balloon snifters or tulip glasses. So that’s what you want to do.

Classic Cognac Glass

If you drink cognac mixed, there is really no need to use a brandy balloon glass… because the original taste and aromas vanish any way. So when it comes to ice, cocktails etc. you can basically use any glass you want. But if you drink it neat, pure – use a tulip or a snifter. That’s just critical.

American Cocktail

Image credits: Wikimedia


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