Why not use a water glass for drinking brandy and cognac?

Sometimes people just drink brandy in a waterglass + ice cubes. Actually, this is not a bad idea because if you add ice, the whole drinking experience becomes different anyway. If you drink cognac neat, you should use one of those balloon snifters or tulip glasses. So that’s what you want to do.

Classic Cognac Glass

If you drink cognac mixed, there is really no need to use a brandy balloon glass… because the original taste and aromas vanish any way. So when it comes to ice, cocktails etc. you can basically use any glass you want. But if you drink it neat, pure – use a tulip or a snifter. That’s just critical.

American Cocktail

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The Cognac Glasses (Snifter) by Normann Copenhagen

 Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass

Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass

The Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass is a classic cognac glass created by the Danish designer Rikke Hagen. The design for the homeware brand Normann Copenhagen is a set of stemless cognac glasses.

You’ll pay around 75$ for both

“The stem kept irritating me,” says Hagen. “I took the consequence and cut it off. That’s how my Cognac glass was born.”

This quote shows how the design got created. You’ll see the glasses in a different way with this background.

Copenhagen Normann Cognac Glass

Copenhagen Normann Cognac Glass

One reader suggest another kind of glass for cognac. Special and modern:

 french concept, it's a concept red dot award ...

french concept for tee with red dot award

One reader also comments:

“in any case – it looks fiddly to pick up once its on a surface – you’ll have to change grip a couple of times seeing as it looks like you wont be able to get your fingers all the way underneath the glass straight away.

and also i just think the way the cognac sits in the glass – offset in the side reservoir – just looks wrong. Considering this is presumably for up market cognac the glass should present the drink, up and away from the surface the glass is sat on.”

In this glass the cognac just looks uninviting. As if rejected.



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